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Australian Personalized Children's Books

Australian Personalized Children's Books

Stories from the Outback, the Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania and Prehistoric Australia - personalized with YOUR name!

Written and illustrated by Torsten Hartmann
Traditionally handbound by Silke Hartmann


  • child's name on cover and throughout the book
  • professionally printed
  • traditionally stitched and handbound in hardcover
  • large illustrations
  • printed on heavier stock paper for durability

Picture Books

  • for younger children or as "learn-to-read" books
  • printed on cardstock paper in large letters
  • on every second page a big colourful illustration
  • versions for two or three children are also available
  • most picture books include names of friends as well.

Books for older children

include child's first and last name, siblings, pets, friends and address.

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